Animator vs Animation

The animator, looking for a challenge, decides to make the stick figure harder to beat. Little does he know exactly how much power he is giving to the little guy. Long live The Chosen One!

Click on the middle of the image to watch, here is the equally good part 1.

Animator vs animation is the creation of 18 year old Wunderkind Alan Becker, more here.

And here is his comment on 'Praying':

This is my last art project I did in high school before graduating. It's part of a contest involving drawings of the hands. The winner gets published in a greeting card that is sent by the company to all its customers. I almost won. I think it was going to be either mine or my fellow classmate Maggie Sather, and they picked hers, to make her the winner two years in a row.

Anyway I like this drawing and I hope to do more in college.

by datacharmer | Tuesday, September 04, 2007
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