Friday Special 106

More aerial photos of Australia

How is the economic crisis affecting the European Union

ToneMatrix - Sinewave synthesizer that you can trigger to produce addictive electric tunes.

Friday Special 105

Signs - Short film by Australian Patrick Hughes

Better late than never - Longest marathon runtime

A larger look at the financial crisis

Friday Special 104

San Francisco in 1906 (High resolution captured from kite-mounted panoramic camera)

San Francisco in 2006

Wall Street Journal's Pictures of the Day

FluTracker - Tracking the progress of H1N1 swine flu

The crisis in credit visualized

Friday Special 103

Vatu Vara, the world's most expensive island ($75,000,000)

Friday Special 102

Graffiti on Philip St, Bedminster, Bristol, UK (opposite Windmill City Farm)

Cometdocs - Free online file converter