Friday Special 101

More witty definitions from New Math

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

ToneMatrix - Sinewave synthesizer that you can trigger to produce addictive electric tunes.

Friday Special 100

This year's G20 summit: A picture speaks a thousand words

  • China's Hu on the place of honor: Middle of front row right next to the host
  • Germany boasts with fashion
  • And for a change, Mrs Kirchner made it to the group picture in time
How is the economic crisis affecting the European Union

A larger look at the financial crisis

Friday Special 99

The Average Injuries of a Pro Skateboarder

Tired of waiting on hold? Bypass phone systems and get directly to Human Contact

Tuscanny based Coachbuilder Faralli & Mazzanti to build 10 Vulca S

New 2009 pictures of the Bugatti Veyron

Friday Special 98

Burning Man 2008

Quite intriguing: Unnecessary Knowledge

Among the world's top photographers: Patrick Fraser

UNdata providing a world of information (Example: Global Naphtha exports in 2006)