Wesley Snipes gets three years

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has received a three year prison sentence for tax offences.

A federal judge handed down the maximum term requested by prosecutors - one year for each of Snipes' convictions of wilfully failing to file a tax return.

United States District Judge William Terrell Hodges said the action star had shown a "history of contempt over a period of time" for US tax laws.

"In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanours", he said.

Snipes apologised, saying: "I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance."

That's one of the best quotes I've heard in a long time. BBC News has the story.

by datacharmer | Friday, April 25, 2008
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  1. Marsuipal Eagle Says:

    Don't believe a word of it! It just a ploy to get into prison to infiltrate that mofo'ing vampire sect and beat the unliving sheet out of them!! Go on Blade!!