Markets in everything, funky coffins edition

When Mary Tomes dies, she doesn't want a plain wooden box.

"One brown box doesn't fit all. It doesn't show your personality or your sense of humour. My husband told me not to be so daft."

That was four years ago. Now Mary, a 62-year-old grandmother, not only has a sunshine-yellow coffin for when she meets her maker, but runs Colourful Coffins in Oxford, which prints customised paper wraps to stick onto caskets.

Here's more, including many pictures, and you can order your own by following the links on the right. It's a thriving industry too:

While Colourful Coffins - and another UK company, JC Atkinson - print what are effectively colour transfers for standard coffins, Nottinghamshire's Crazy Coffins makes caskets shaped like cars, cricket bags and ballet shoes.