Question for Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen

What do they think when they see ads like this on their blog? 

Do they think that editorial control of ads (beyond sex and vulgarity) is not a suitable thing for a blogger to do? Does it bother them but they think the money is worth it? Are they of the same mind or is one more inclined than the other to reject it? Have they even thought about it, or do they feel that ad space is not a real or integral part of MR? I am not being critical, I am honestly curious. I find this question particularly intriguing, because I think I can predict pretty accurately what their stance would be on almost every other issue I can think of.

In any case, I would love to know. Marginal Revolution readers out there, what do you think?

UPDATE: Thanks to Justin Wehr, we now have a (disappointing and predictable) answer from Alex Tabarrok:

        Markets in Everything!  :)

By the way, for context see for example here, here and here.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think they get to approve each ad-they probably have a longterm contract with somebody.