It scares me

Milgram redux, and I'm not at all surprised by the results. I observe this trait every day, everywhere, and it scares me to bits. I have never personally witnessed it culminate to brutal violence, but no violence is needed; I have seen much evil come of it at my workplace, in public debate, and even amongst my friends. All that is needed is blind loyalty to authority, to prevailing moods and cliches. A willingness to take a mental shortcut even though someone's welfare or dignity is on the line.

There are too many Hanna Schmitz; and the thought I may unwittingly become one myself - even in a much smaller way - horrifies me.

I think about Milgram's experiment almost every day. My desire to be someone who refuses to continue may define who I am, or would like to be, more than anything else.

by datacharmer | Sunday, October 18, 2009
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