Fun with statistics, "which Palin is the mother?" edition

Well, Sarah, I'm calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson.

The Daily Kos has an 'interesting' story claiming that Sarah Palin's youngest son, who has been diagnosed with Down's syndrome, is really her daughter's son. There is much evidence presented, mainly consisting of pictures where certain bellies appear to be too large while others too small. But statistics deliver the killer argument:

The final point of interest is that Trig Palin has been diagnosed with Down's syndrome (aka trisomy 21). This is an interesting point, as chances of having offspring with Down's Syndrome increases from under 1% to 3% after a mother reaches the age of 40. However, 80% of the cases of Down's Syndrome are in mother's (sic) under the age of 35, through sheer quantities of births in this age group.

And of course, 99% of deaths are not due to suicide, so killing yourself is safe!

Thanks to Scatterplot for the pointer.


  1. Aneagleconspiracy Says:

    The post on Daily Kos has *mysteriously disappeared* looks like SOMEONE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY does NOT want us to see it. I can just imagine Mr Kos now on his own private jet to a certain secluded Bay in the Gulf of Mexico where the atmosphere is electric and the drinks (and breaths) are heavily watered down.