Datacharmer's playlist

Good stuff I've been listening to the last few days:

Little Red Riding Hood, by The Meteors - from the album Mutant Monkey and the Surfers from Zorch.

Heartbeats, by Jose Gonzalez. A beautiful cover, the original by the Knife is fantastic too.

Irish Tour, by Rory Gallagher. One of my favourite albums ever, check out A Million Miles Away.

Imaginations from the Other Side, by Blind Guardian. I can't find a good-enough quality version of the best song in the album, but here is a particularly powerful if amateurish version by a random guitarist playing over the song. If you have an ear for this sound, more here.

Ridin, by Chamillionaire. The song isn't what I'd call amazing, but it reminds me of the scene of AJ's suicide attempt in the Sopranos. A powerful piece, far and away the best scene across all 6-ish Sopranos series.

by datacharmer | Thursday, March 06, 2008
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