Find a match made in heaven, POTUS edition

With USA Today's Candidate Match game, via voluntaryXchange:

The graphics are really helpful in two different ways for figuring out why you match up better with one candidate or another. First, there is a bar chart sort of effect to figure out why you match up better with one than another [...] Secondly, there are sliders so that you can emphasize issues you are particularly concerned with.

I like it, although I do get slightly irritated with multiple choice questions when no available answer reflects my position (I guess that's partly the candidates fault though). And if you are curious, I get a fairly even mix of Democrats and Republicans, with no candidate agreeing with me on more than a handful of issues.

Good thing I can't vote then.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    And there was I thinkin Dennis Kucinich was a loopy leftie loved only by a dwindling proletariat. Turns out he's the man with the most views I agree with!

    O wait, I am a European......