Why bother posting on a bank holiday? Part 2

I now have the answer to this question, courtesy of the comments section and Tim Worstall, which is:

1) To reward loyal readers. A fair point and a regrettable part of the moral hazard that datacharmer accepted with his holiday cover, i.e. that we have far less incentive to cater for his loyal readers.

2) To create content for people that visit more infrequently but read older posts too. I'll begrudgingly accept this one, although I could have created the same amount of content for occasional visitors by posting 4 times on Tuesday and skipped posting for the 3-day weekend.

3) Because you might get a lot more visitors than you were expecting, possibly due to a link from another site.

On the subject of (3), I've revised my forecasting model to:
Visits = 119.8 - 33.2 * Weekend + 205.4 * TW, where Weekend is a dummy variable that takes the value of 1 for a weekend day and zero otherwise and TW is a dummy that takes the value of 1 if Tim Worstall links to this blog and zero otherwise, with all coefficients statistically significantly different from zero at the 95% level (and for the data miners amongst you, an R-squared of 44%).