Buy revenge for £10

A service offering a complete “revenge package” in which people can destroy the financial status and relationships of their enemies at the click of a mouse is being offered over the internet.

For as little as £10 a month, customers of the website can make the credit ratings of people they dislike plummet and even have them suspected of fraud.

Their bank accounts can be shut down remotely and all their essential utilities cut off.

Fake e-mails and text messages which purport to come from someone else, such as the victim’s spouse, can be sent containing false accusations of affairs or sexual liaisons.

Here is the Sunday Times article (free access), via Surreptitious Evil. Here's Fox News. Having read the story and browsed the website, I would have sworn this is a hoax; but the Times writer claims s/he has acquired a passport off these guys. What can I say? You can buy anything on the internet these days indeed.

by datacharmer | Monday, August 13, 2007
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  1. Surreptitious Evil Says:

    I have no direct experience (as a purchaser, putative or actual, or, as far as I am aware, as a victim) of this or similar revenge schemes but am well aware of the availability of false ID, passports & other documents.

    As an investigator, I was involved in a case where a small businessman wanted to start some complex financial arrangement (which, for tax reasons, absolutely, undeniably wasn't a loan) and provided his business bank account statements.

    Unfortunately, the finance company was owned by the bank that was have supposed to have produced them and a few brief checks (fraud prevention, as opposed to cross marketing, allowing you to breach the data protection chinese walls across large organisations). When confronted, he immediately confessed to the statements being forged and the website he had got them from.

    Although this was relatively minor, the subsequent investigation (to see if the bank had any legal standing to take action against the web-site operators) led to some interesting discussions with some very hard-core law enforcement people who were investigating the same site for providing documents to human trafficking gangs.

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