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I'm late to post today, but I have a good excuse. has a series of links to lectures in video, audio or text format from leading universities.

Lecturefox is a free service. You can find high-quality classes from universities all over the world. We collect without exception lectures from official universities, and we have a special interest in lectures from the faculties computer science, mathematics and physics. In the category faculty-mix you can find miscellaneous lectures from other departments like electrical engineering, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics, history and philosophy.

I have to admit it's a bit light on the economics so far, but for narrow-minded economists there are some great stuff on maths & stats, psychology and social trends to feed the mind.

If you are aware of similar resources, I would be grateful if you could post a comment or email me.

by datacharmer | Monday, May 07, 2007
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